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Applications Development

  • Software Testing
  • Application modernization
  • Software Development

Operations Services

  • DevOps
  • Cloud Migration

Consulting Services

  • Solution Design
  • Technology Consulting
  • OPS

Outsourcing Services

  • Dedicated Development Teams
  • Staff Augmentation Services


About Us

Cleverix is a rapidly expanding software development and digital services company founded by a group of highly experienced IT experts. Drawing upon their extensive backgrounds in the IT industry, our team excels in providing exceptional consulting, systems engineering, operational services, and outstaffing solutions.

Comprised of passionate professionals with diverse skill sets, our team possesses the expertise required to elevate IT solutions to unprecedented levels of excellence.

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Case Studies

Industry: E-commerce

Transforming a Legacy Monolith Platform: A Strangler Fig Approach to Microservices on the Cloud: A Case Study

Industry: E-commerce, Online Gambling

Enforcing Code Quality Across Microservices with Snyk Security Audit Tool: A Case Study

Industry: Online Gambling

Modernization of Microservices from Java 11 LTS to Java 17 LTS: A Case Study


Cleverix IT Services: Unveiling the Advantages of Outsourcing to Bulgaria

Clients should seriously consider Bulgaria as a location to outsource their IT departments and utilize Cleverix's exceptional IT services.

Scaling Up: How Outsourcing Supports Your Growing Software Needs

Dive into the realm of software development and the strategic role of outsourcing in achieving effective scalability.

Striking the Right Balance: Navigating the 'Automate Everything' Approach in Software Testing

Explore the balance between automation and potential pitfalls in the "Automate Everything" approach to software testing.
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