Cleverix IT Services: Unveiling the Advantages of Outsourcing to Bulgaria

In an era of globalization and increasing reliance on technology, businesses are continuously seeking opportunities to optimize their operations and reduce costs. One effective strategy that has gained immense popularity is outsourcing IT departments to countries with competitive advantages. Bulgaria has emerged as a prominent destination for IT outsourcing due to its skilled workforce, strategic geographical location, favorable corporate tax policies, and vibrant culture. In this article, we explore why clients should seriously consider Bulgaria as a location to outsource their IT departments and utilize Cleverix's exceptional IT services.

Flourishing IT Industry:

Bulgaria boasts a thriving IT industry, with a large number of skilled professionals dedicated to the sector. According to statistics, the country is home to a significant number of IT specialists, with thousands of software developers, engineers, and IT experts working in various fields. This pool of talent provides a rich resource for clients seeking to outsource their IT departments, ensuring a high level of expertise and innovative solutions.

Strategic Geographical Location:

Bulgaria's geographical location is a key advantage for clients looking to outsource their IT departments. Situated at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, and with excellent transportation links to Asia and the Middle East, Bulgaria offers a unique strategic position. This makes it an ideal location for businesses seeking seamless communication and easy access to global markets, enabling efficient collaboration and project management.

Favorable Corporate Tax and Cost-Effective Labor:

From a financial standpoint, Bulgaria stands out as a cost-effective option for outsourcing IT services. The country boasts one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union, making it an attractive destination for companies aiming to optimize their expenditure. Additionally, the competitive labor costs in Bulgaria allow businesses to access highly skilled IT professionals at a fraction of the cost compared to many other European countries.

High-Level Professionalism:

The professionalism and expertise of Bulgarian IT engineers are well above the global industry average. The country's educational system emphasizes technology and science, producing a skilled and tech-savvy workforce. As evidence of their competence, Bulgaria has attracted major players in the tech industry, with numerous Fortune 500 companies already operating successfully within the country. Cleverix, with its team of top-notch IT professionals, aligns with this high standard of excellence, ensuring top-quality IT services for clients.

Vibrant and Adaptive Culture:

Bulgaria's rich culture and adaptability add to the attractiveness of the country as an outsourcing destination. The country offers a European work environment with a touch of Eastern European charm, providing a perfect blend of professionalism and cultural compatibility. The open-mindedness and linguistic abilities of the Bulgarian workforce contribute to seamless communication and smooth project management for international clients.


Bulgaria has undoubtedly become a prime choice for businesses considering outsourcing their IT departments, and Cleverix stands as a reputable partner to cater to these needs. With its flourishing IT industry, strategic location, favorable tax policies, cost-effective labor, and highly skilled professionals, Bulgaria offers a winning combination that allows companies to enhance their efficiency and stay competitive in the global market. By choosing Cleverix as their IT service provider in Bulgaria, clients can rest assured that they will benefit from the country's exceptional expertise, professionalism, and vibrant culture, propelling their business to new heights of success.

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